When does tooth growth stop?

Do you know when teeth stop growing? And at what age exactly? Does this happen at a young age or do teeth grow until a person reaches a certain stage of his life?

There may not be any specific answer to these questions, but it is possible that the growth of teeth will stop when the individual reaches the age of 21-25 years, that is, with the growth of the wisdom tooth.

Having a certain disease can lead to a delay in the growth of permanent teeth

Baby teeth usually start growing in around the age of six months and begin to fall out between the ages of five and six. After that, the child's teeth, which are known as permanent teeth, begin to grow again until he reaches the age of about 12 years. Therefore, we can say that the teeth are fully developed during this age, except for the wisdom teeth that grow as we mentioned earlier with the individual reaching the age of approximately 25.

In total, each person has 32 permanent teeth; 16 teeth in the upper jaw and 16 teeth in the lower jaw.

Causes of delayed tooth development

Sometimes, you may notice a delay in the development of your child's permanent teeth. But do you know what are the main reasons behind this? Here are the highlights:

The genetic factor that plays a big role in this matter.

The child suffers from a lack of calcium.

The presence of extra teeth.

A malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Down syndrome.

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When does tooth growth stop?

When does tooth growth stop?